Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Masarang Foundation

This is the first featured weather making project: The Masarang Non-profit Foundation Chaired by Forestry Engineer and Nature Conservationist Willie Smits. He is working on an amazing blueprint for gentle deep ecology in the tropics.

What is important that it adheres to the People+Profit+Planet principle and it has worked out a detailed blueprint to restore over-logged and decaying tropical rain-forests. It recruits local people with important agricultural and forestry knowledge and builds a project that provides long term income for them, restores the rainforest in the matter of years, and changes back the weather in the area.

Create a Rainforest in Samboja Lestari ("eternal Samboja").

So there is no question, that this is our first true Change Climate Back Project to feature.

Other candidate to watch is the Atmospheric Vortex Engine.
However, I am yet to see how it will involve local people, and how it will be applied organically.

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