Sunday, March 22, 2009

AVETech Update - Interview with Louis Michaud

We have been conducting an interview with Mr Louis Michaud P. Eng. inventor of a transformational climate change tool the Atmospheric Vortex Engine and chairman of Avetech we featured before. And so I think it is important that we begin to make some important distinctions and clarifications. Here is the precis with a flashback link:

"The troposphere is already warming. So it must be absolutely ensured that radiating heat whizzes past the troposphere and into the stratosphere (currently cooling and also unexpectedly retaining water vapor) where it then can safely expelled from."

I strive to be technically rigorous with my proposal. Ecologists without technical understanding can make statements that can not be supported and can hurt credibility. The heat does not have to whizz past the troposphere; the heat only has to be carried high enough to get above the elevation where high concentrations of water vapor and CO2 interfere with infrared radiation to space. Putting large quantities of water in the stratosphere might not be a good idea; the water might stay in the stratosphere a long time and interfere with infrared radiation to space. For this reason, the AVE should be controlled so that the vortex extends no higher than natural convection. Penetration in the stratosphere could easily be avoided by limiting the heat content of the rising air.

We thank for this exclusive clarification to Mr Louis Michaud, P. Eng. and look forward to further discussion on this fascinating theme (particularly on how one might expel heat back into space if it is kept below the stratosphere as is currently being the case) and us being able to report on more growing success of his exciting initiative.

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