Thursday, February 1, 2007

Leddie has a BIG dilemma

Here is (or rather was) my dilemma: my global warming climate change pages on my fun-led-light site get ignored so much, that they begen hurting my ranking. In case you were wondering, these were the culprits, you be the judge:
(I will place their content here, so soon the links will point here too, and may be just redirects if any staying at the old place.)

They both touched on LED light usage but pretty tangentially. I acknowledge, they ARE more about climate change and global warming.

Why do I had them here? Simple. I believe that steps not taken today will hurt us for 40 years if not more. In other words. If we curb ALL extra emission today, (a big word AND undoable) nothing will change for 40 years. That's how enormous the buffer effect of global climate is.

So the steps we make should FIRSTLY reverse the effects of current trends. Only when we started that, can we seriously think emission reduction. Gradually by 20-50-70%. Not the other way around.

That's why I had those pages there and now soon - here. Because NO one ELSE has them. Not this way, anyway. But...

But my resources are very limited. And if something hurts my ranking, it hurts my bottom line. I want to have fun by producing the LED applications I like to see some day. Right now I don't have the resources. So it doesn't matter how brilliant my views are on Stopping the effects of Global Warming, I carry dead wood with them. Too much, too heavy.

Guess I've done my duty by press releasing these pages and ideas. Can only hope that someone more suited will take up the challange. I didn't get any donation, only 5 bucks from a relative, who still firmly believes that I am a nutcase...

(Sooner or later I'll cut these pages from Fun LED Light. Just wanted to share this dilemma with you. Comment here if you want them to stay, and I'll think up something. Till then Cheers on this one, Leedie.)

This is happening right now, one page at a time.

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