Thursday, February 8, 2007

On El Nino Climate and Weather Reversal

On the climate change phenomenon linked to El-nino

Every few years atmospheric friction triggers (not creates) a back flow of air accross the Pacific.
The high pressure on one side (say on the east coast of AsiaPacific) and the low pressure on the other (say in the Andes Mountains in Peru) change places. (Note now, this is akin to reversing voltage poles) The triggered effect now creates changed oceanic flow and air flow (yes, akin to changed direction in electric current being triggered by reversing poles.) So now comes drought on one side, deluge on the other - quite the opposite that is normal.

In fact, according to one established theory an event called 'mega' El Nino is said to have destroyed enormous settlements in Peru as a result of extreme draught and dust storms both becoming more persistent and lasting over a period of many many years.

It is being speculated that under the right circumstances a fraction of a few degree temperature rise of oceanic surface water can trigger an El Nino effect.

Response to one order of polarity, and not to a reversed one.
When polarity in air pressure accross the Atlantic slowly but surely reverses air movement and surface temperature, it becomes massive and the anchovi fish (an important livelyhood to locals) can altogether disappear from the Peruvian sea at the time of reversed.

Trigger effects and influence.
The tigger effects of El-nino are well known and documented. It is also known that it has influence over global weather patterns. Eg: It is said that the ancient Mesopothamian civilization of Ur disappeared abruptly (cca 650-600 AD) as a result of a major El-nino pressure pole reversal at the time.

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